When I was growing up as a teenage girl you can say that I considered myself an ugly duckling, so when my family and friends said I was beautiful I thought, “yeah right, they are just being nice”.  Maybe some of you can relate to my attitude.

The media tries to teach us what is “standard beauty”, it tries to shape our thoughts on what is acceptable to society. So we end up believing that whoever looks more like the digital enhanced picture we see on social media, that is true beauty.

It wasn’t until I really understood what GOD said about who I really was, it’s when I learned the meaning of beauty and how beautiful I truly was.

 Ephesians 2:10 For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

There are three things that this verse says about us:

  1. We are masterpiece
  2. We are made new
  3. Made with a good purpose

In order to grasp the meaning of masterpiece, let’s look at its definition first

Well according to the Webster dictionary: “ it is a work done with extraordinary skill; especially:  a supreme intellectual or artistic achievement.”

An example of this extraordinary work of art would be the famous painting of the “Mona Lisa”. I remember seeing her set behind a bullet-proof glass at the Louvre in Paris, what a sight. This masterpiece is visited and admired by six million visitors per year.

But who determines that a work of art is a masterpiece? Is it the artist, the critics, society, galleries or collectors? No matter how this is decided, art is subjective; it’s a matter of an individual’s perspective.

This brings me to one work of art that is a masterpiece by an objective perspective. A perspective above all else, that is constant and never changing no matter what others say.

My dear friend let me tell you something, You are more than a Mona Lisa, you are a true masterpiece, not from a subjective perspective but from an objective perspective, only GOD  holds the true perspective of everything in life. You were created by the ONE and ONLY DIVINE CREATOR of the heavens and the earth.

Did you get that? Our CREATOR used Extraordinary skill, supreme intellect, artistic achievement” when he made you. So guess what?

You don’t need to look at your social media feed or your favorite TV show to see what beauty is. Actually just step in front of a mirror and see for yourself. “You” are true beauty. GOD, the creator of the entire universe, the ONE that made the vast oceans, the indescribable constellations, and the breathtaking earth also made YOU.  When HE made you, HE took HIS best shot! His WORD says you are “HIS MASTERPIECE”.

Second, He said we are “a new” that means you are unique, there is nobody like you. You can’t compare yourself to the girl beside you or the girl you follow on IG. You can’t even compare your beauty or skills to a twin, because nobody has your DNA, absolutely nobody. YOU ARE IT. Your mold was used once to create you and that is it. Nobody can be better than you in being you.

Third, he designed you “to do good things that he planned longed ago”. This is so important that you understand. In life when a manufacturer designs a product, it also provides an instructors manual. The instructor’s manual states how a product will function at the optimal capacity for a purpose. That is how exactly you work. GOD made you with abilities and skills that only you can perform best. Sometimes we want compare our skills and abilities to others and that is like trying to use someone’s else instructor’s manual on yourself, that won’t go so well.  Instead, focus on your strengths and perfect your own talents and skills .Do what you were designed to do and you will achieve success.

You have a task ahead in life, but to complete your purpose you must know who you are first. 

You are HIS masterpiece!