JAM_4358Why did I decide to develop workingmothers.me?

In the course of my life, working moms have come to me to inquire about careers and education. At the same time girlfriends have reached out for emotional and spiritual support when going through the tough time of separation from a loved one. So it is out of love for them that I created this site, and if I can help in some way at least one woman, this site is worth creating.

So now a little about who I am, my name is Karla Lopez, I am a Christian woman, blessed and favored by my Lord and Savior. I am the daughter of preacher and medical doctor, Dr. Luis A. López and to an amazing warrior of God, Leticia Lopez. I am sister to followers of God. Mother of miracle twins, Arianna and Karinne, anointed princesses by the Great I AM.

I am also a professional corporate woman with a successful career that has given me great satisfaction.  I promote education as the director of marketing and advertising for a university with 25 campuses in the U.S.A. Motivating youth to accomplish their educational goals has been so rewarding for my life, as my corporate success is the result of educational scholarships that my Heavenly Father granted me.

Also, presently I have the great privilege to simultaneously interpret the services at my church, Potential Church led by Pastor Troy.  Being a translator for Pastor Troy´s teachings has definitely been a strong anchor to my spiritual growth. I also never even imagined that at my church, Potential, God would choose me to be the Spanish voice for the Osteen sisters (Joel Osteen´s sisters) at a women’s conference called “VIVA”.

But my life was not complete and full as I can say that it is today. I went through difficult times when I lost my father in a sudden death and my ex-husband in a divorce. I lost both of them in the same week. Losing the strong pillars of my life did a 360 degree turn in my life in a negative way. But my story does not end there. My Heavenly Father had other plans for my life and gave me beauty for ashes (Isaiah 61: 3).

I conclude by telling you my friend, there is a plan for your life, as a woman, as a mother, as a professional and as an entrepreneur because you are a daughter of God. He does care about all areas of your life, include Him in all you do, and  you will see the difference in your destiny.

My Lord, your love conquered me; you captivated my heart! This site is for your honor and glory!