1923625_8032319971_6256_nMagda Vazquez retired in 2013 from Doctor in Medicine profession after practicing  the same for 33 years, eleven in Puerto Rico and twenty-two in Florida. Having an inquisitive mind, she earned a Masters in Business Administration in 2007. She started her small business part time in 2010 dedicated to dogs as a certified Canine Therapeutic Massage therapist , then full-time since 2014 in addition to providing services as a certified Dog Trainer.

Despite feeling as a committed Christian, and belonging  to the translation team of her church, she felt an urgency to obey God with her future in relation to her small business and everything that God would show her. Then she took the challenge of a friend and signed up for the Voice to the Nations Institute where she earned her diploma in Theological Studies. In her science-based mind driven by data and evidence, she had a very unique spiritual awakening. As she relates, “I have read the word, but now I live it, I understand more, I know God even more in my imperfection! I’m in love with the Lord!” In the process of spiritual growth, she was invited to write a devotional at mujeresconproposito.com blog, her answer … you’re reading it! She was also named co-leader of the Latino bible study group from her church where they meet weekly.