Pretty woman with glasses and book thinkingBefore you select a college I want you to consider 3 things:

1. The type of accreditation: There is a private entity that manages the quality control of education in American universities. In this process, universities are classified in two ways, regional and national.

Regional: Usually universities are non-profit institutions and are academically oriented.

National: Predominantly these institutions are for profit and provide mostly vocational and technical careers.

Although both accreditation’s are recognized by the Department of Education, it is important to note that in general,  regional accredited universities do not accept transfer credits from nationally accredited institutions.

2. Graduation rates: If graduation rates are high it usually means that this University provides good academic support to students and also that they offer job placement services for their graduates. But on the contrary if the graduation rates are low this is a red alert to watch out.

3. Reputation with employers: The main goal to complete a degree is to get a job.  So if the educational or training institution is well established and has a respected reputation in the community, this can definitely be a plus in your job search in the market.

In regards to costs, I know it is definitely something we all consider in this economy, especially as single or divorced mothers that take of children on their own. I do want you to note that a university with lower tuition is not synonymous of bad education. Many good colleges and universities are affordable. Nevertheless, the three points to consider with all universities are the ones mentioned above.

Each university offers financial aid and a financial advisor is typically assigned to you. They discuss in detail manner different options, such as grants, federal loans and alternative loans. They will give you recommendations based on what you qualify. A great tool that provides a good idea of what the different colleges and universities cost is: College Navigator

Finally, for us working moms, I would recommend studying online. There are many universities offering online programs and this allows you to work and study. In addition, there are many programs that are only one class at a time per month, so you do not have to handle several classes at the same time. Just plan ahead and set aside the time that is most feasible for you to do your homework for one class.

Tools to search for online colleges:

Gov Global Locator

Dear friend, these were just a few pointers that I wanted to share with you, but if you have further educational questions you can send them my way through the contacts page and I will definitely do my best to guide you in the right direction.