Peter D Cervone Jr.

Owner at Cervone International Design llc.                                                                             Contact Information: Peter Cervone                                                                                      Website: www.pcervone.wix.com

Professor Cervone, what makes a successful Interior Designers? In addressing what makes a successful Interior Designer stems from a desire and natural talent for art and design and solid education in interior design.

As a Professional Interior Designer, you are being judged by your ability to perform. Why do I say this because it’s like being on stage. Everything you do is always viewed by your peers as well as your  clients.

Consequently, your talent ,your understanding , the execution of  a project, from the moment you begin it is judged in how successful you can be as a professional interior designer.

” But Remember its not how you start but how you finish”

Pros in this industry:

  • Freedom of design
  • Creating beautiful spaces
  • Developing dynamic color schemes and finishes
  • Personal satisfaction providing renderings of the spaces
  • Travel to foreign places,
  • Learn different cultures
  • Make your client happy.

Cons in this industry:  

  • Vendors delivery delays
  • re selection of materials  and products
  • contractors issues
  • building inspectors delays.

Professor Cervone, a word of advise to those students who´s passion is to be an interior designer?252344_10150323220192995_8270548_n

My  recommendations for students who are studying  interior Design, stay the course, embrace your career to the fullest. Learn more than what your being taught, so that you can push  your self to be the best that you can achieve in your career.

Learning doesn’t end with just a degree .  When you enter the real world of interior design, it begins a new learning  phase of your career and,you must be prepared an never quit, because this is your choice for the rest of your life.



Some links to go to: IIDA.ORG, ASID.ORG, AND NEWH.ORG. It would be important for you to join one of these organizations. I t will give you credibility.  Also allows you to network with other designers in the industry and gives you the edge on the latest trending products.