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Kessle Silva
Creative Director, Designer, Artist, Professor


This is maybe going to sound repetitive, but I really mean it when I say it is that passion and love you put into your profession, your career, what you do for a living that really brings you success. My profession as a designer is my best therapy, my favorite activity, my best business partner and support. I love being a designer and I design with such a passion that my clients can’t help it but see it in the work. This I believe have made me the successful designer I am today.

Of course just passion and love would had never been enough to succeed, without a strong education, hard training, intense work and honest outcomes, I would had never gotten nowhere. With this I am not saying you need to wait 20 years to become a successful designer, it can happen a lot faster. Former students of mine have been out there in the design field no more than 5 years and already have all the success they wanted (or I would say, all the success they deserve) Why? Because they went out there not loving their profession, but being in love with it, that gave them the necessary passion and strength to become the successful designers they are today.

I can start talking about all the technical aspects of this profession you need to master to become a great designer, and you can actually practice and practice until you master them and do a good job. However, without loving your career with a passion, there will never be success.


  • We make the world visually more beautiful and easier to understand
  • It is a profession that educates – We have a consumer to educate
  • We communicate visually to the masses
  • The opportunities in the field are endless – Advertising, Marketing, Desktop Publishing, Corporate Identity, Branding, Packaging Design, Web design, Printing Industry, Graphic design, Image Editing, Illustration, Photography … etc … etc
  • Great freedom to become independent – Freelance Designer
  • Visual communication is a man’s favorite way of communicating – That tells you how important our industry is and will always be.
  • We create a more conscious visual environment
  • We learn to adore typography
  • We live a colorful life – If you know what I mean!
  • We speak a visual language


  • Location becomes very important – Some cities will provide a lot more opportunities than others
  • A Master’s degree is almost mandatory to advance in the field – Specially if you are interested in teaching later in your career
  • The required experience to start sometimes is unreal –This is something you can overcome only with a VERY STRONG PORTFOLIO
  • Salary to start may be a bit disappointing – Again, with a STRONG PORTFOLIO you can get what you think you deserve or maybe more
  • You can find yourself working very long hours – This is not your typical 8a.m. to 5p.m. kind of job
  • The equipment (Hardware and Software) used in the industry can be expensive – This if you are planning to become your own boss.
  • 90% of the clients know what they want, but not what they need – That is a huge issue you will have to deal with.
  • Highly competitive industry – Create a STRONG PORTFOLIO and you will have no competition
  • Lots of pressure and tight deadlines
  • Too many people to please at times

These are some links where you can find some important information, tips, suggestions and more tools that can be helpful.



Kessle Silva

Creative Director, Designer, Artist, Professor

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