Luisa Niakan, MBA

HR/ Recruitment Specialist at Audiology Distribution-Siemens, BJ’s Wholesale Club Hearing Centers and HearUSA


Luisa, you have advanced in your career so quickly, share with us a little about your career and the key points in your success.

 I am a Recruitment Specialist in the Human Resources Department at Hear USA presently owned by Audiology Distribution Siemens AG. I am the lead recruiter for our BJ’s Hearing Centers. I specialize in the nationwide recruitment of Licensed Hearing Aid Dispensers and Audiologists.
My career in recruiting and Human Resources concerns  increasing business performance through the recruitment and retention of talent becoming a business partner to the organization and its people. I believe in motivating people to realize their full potential.


  • Great Corporate Recruiters have strong people skills and a caring nature.
  • They are active listeners, and always attentive to the needs of hiring managers and candidates. Because Recruiters and HR Professionals handle sensitive information such as employee’s personal information and salary information confidentiality is of the utmost importance.
  • Great Recruiters are also known for their patience and thoroughness, building relationships with the right candidates in order to successfully present them to the hiring manager at the right time.
  • Great Recruiters are competitive professionals, passionate about their company and are aware of their competitors;
  • They are proactive, outside-of-the-box thinkers who see obstacles as challenges with solutions.


  • My favorite part of being a Recruiter is placing the right candidate with the right company position, where the candidate is happy and developing professionally, and the organization realizes increased productivity and cost savings.
  • Another pro of being in the Human Resources field is that you can help employees and the organization at the same time.
  • Human behavior is unpredictable.  
  • You are not necessarily the most popular person in the organization, especially when it comes to enforcing an organization’s policies and procedures.


  • The key points to succeed in this industry are found in the different habits successful HR and Recruiter professionals maintain.
  • One of the main keys to success in this field is for HR and Recruitment professionals to be active net workers. For instance, I am currently a Board Member for the Human Resources Association of Palm Beach County, which allows me to network with other professionals within the industry and keeps me updated about the latest news in my field.
  • A mayor key point of success is to represent the brand of your organization. Representing the brand of your organization while networking will allow you to connect with key talent and originate referrals.
  • A successful Recruiter is able to build a pipeline of qualified candidates including qualified passive candidates. This cannot be accomplished by only using job board websites such as CareerBuilder and Monster. These are candidates that are currently working and not actively seeking for employment. Successful Recruiters will find these candidates through their own referral network or by contacting them by utilizing social media tools such as LinkedIn.
  • If you want to succeed in the Human Resources and Recruitment industry you have to be proactive instead of reactive.
  • In order to become a business partner in an organization and positioned to contribute beyond an administrative role, HR professionals need to understand what really drives success and revenue in the business. This can be accomplished by connecting with the organization’s executive leaders to understand the main goals the organization wants to achieve so as to help achieve strategic implementation.  
My company website is es .  My current job postings you find at  Audiology Online | CEUs, Jobs and Journal for the Audiology Profession .  Currently, I am looking for providers in Freeport, NY.