Minerva Badillo                                                                  

Account Executive at WPLG Local 10


Minerva, you are successful Latina who has an amazing career at the ABC network. Tell us the details of your career and what you would recommend to those who want to follow in your footsteps?

I am an Account Executive should be able to negotiate ratings and estimates with clients. We put together sales presentations and media plans to effectively work with a client to help grow their business by advertising in this marketplace. Our goal as an Account Executive is to help the client increase his sales/clientele and also develop a great relationship with them. As the client grows, we grow and it becomes a long time business and friendship partnership.

What type of personality does it take to this job? The most important thing is that you need to have very thick  skin. You need to be tuff and strong, in order to do any type of sales.

Here are a few traits of an Account Executive in this Industry:

*likes to build relationships
*likes facts and details
*friendly and like-able
*works best independently
* works good under pressure
*money and numbers oriented
*always positive

Pros and Cons of this industry:

* Potential of earning very good money
* You have great advantages like being able to expense dinners, lunches when meeting with clients.
* Great opportunity to establish great relationships that become friendships
*An opportunity to create a great reputation in the market and make yourself very marketable which helps in your career growth.

* long hours
* lots of pressure and stress to meet goals
*have to continuously try to do well and always be selling because you work on commission.
* have to be able to work alone and have a strong sense of accountability.

What are the Key Points to succeeding in this industry:

* Love doing your job!
*Use your time wisely
*Your character is everything in this type of job- always have a great attitude
*Always do well by your clients- they will be very appreciative and always do business with you.
*Be very persistent but always be honest with your clients
* Continue to learn and grow with the business