Celia Avendaño-Gutierrez


You have succeeded as an  architect and at the same time have managed to have a very close family, can you share with us how you do it?   

Career and Family, two words that sound hard to put in one sentence and even more difficult to implement, but you can achieve the same level of success in both areas and at the same time.

It is important to set goals from the beginning, try to meet them and fight for them.

In my case architecture is a demanding career with many details involved, managing budget, deadlines, and in the end making sure that our customer is happy and satisfied with our work.


• This career can have a flexible schedule therefore it is possible to accommodate our family time, for example, handle customer projects during the hours that our children are in school.

• We can work from home, without having to set up an office, etc.

• Opportunity to meet people in different ways.

• Disadvantages, almost none, except when you are in school as it is hard to work and study at the same time.

HOW TO SUCCEEDfamiliacelia

Professionally to succeed, you must work hard but most importantly with excellence. This involves handling many details in many areas, therefore it is better to move forward slowly, learning to specialize in one area at a time so that eventually you are able to handle all the required details.This takes patience, since with family involved, we must understand that we cannot do everything at once.

As a mother, wife and a professional we have to do everything with love and for God.  Our family should come first before work. This does not mean that we will neglect our professional obligation. It only means that it will require finding that balance between both, it will take a while, but it can be done.  It is possible to make your schedule adapt to your family. Finally, teaching our children to be independent will help us a lot.