What is your business about?

Ahlvar is a womens clothing brand, founded by me, Frida Ahlvarsson   I have been working as a designer for different Swedish brands during the last 10 years before I decided to launch my own label. Our main focus is blouses. Feminine blouses with unique seams and cuts to mess it up and to renounce from the plain, sweet and noble.

How did you start it?

3 years ago I realized that here is a gap at the market when it comes to blouses.  That silk blouse that you want to wear together with a pair of leather trousers and high heels when you go to dinner doesn’t exists. They are all either too ladylike or too cute. I have put all my focus in to this and tried to make blouses that still feels feminine but with a slightly more edgy expression.

How did you balance family?

My daughter Evelyn is 6 and 1/2 months old and in Sweden you are in maternity for over a year which is very luxury. But since I am an entrepreneur and self-employed I can’t be on maternity because then my brand wouldn’t exist.

My husband is an entrepreneur as well so we try to share the baby sitting depending on who has the most important meetings. Otherwise I bring her everywhere. She is very happy, confident and sweet baby so she is really easy to take with you.

What is your secret to your success?ahlvar-blusar

I think it’s two things:
1. I make things happen. I get things done as soon as possible and I don’t sit home and wait.
2. I am a commercial designer. I get influences from being social and analyzing what women want to wear.

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