Sharon Levin-Plotkin

Certified Crime Scene Investigator- Miami

What do you like about your career?  I have loved my life as a crime scene investigator for so many reasons. The job itself is very challenging, much unexpected and always requires one to be on top of their game. The smallest of details can solve the biggest most heinous crimes.

What is challenging about what you do? The pursuit of justice is always one that is quite challenging and if we feel we will solve every crime then we would never sleep at night.

What motivates you in this career?   I give my all to every case. Each victim deserves the very best work we as law enforcement can provide regardless of race, religion or creed as well as socio economic status. We speak for the very young and the elderly and all those in between.

sharon with daughtersHow do you balance family and work? This job has been a passion of mine for almost 20 years and in that time I made sacrifices to my family with the long extended hours, missing of important events like birthdays and holidays. But I know my daughters are proud of me and what I have accomplished in those sacrifices. It is not work when you love what you are doing and in my heart crime scene has always been my home. Without the love and support of my family and friends I could not have remained in this field for so long.