Liliana Sanchez

Director Export Promotion Division at FIDE, Investment and Exports Honduras, International Trade and Development

Liliana, I think you have one of the most interesting jobs I have seen, can you describe what you do?

I love my country, Honduras, and I have the great privilege of working as a promoter of every excellent product and service that Honduras offers to the world.

Eight years ago I started my work in FIDE, the Foundation for Investment and Export Development of Honduras, first as an Investment Promotion Officer and five years ago as Director of Export Promotion.

FIDE has allowed me to implement my two great passions in the professional world: international trade and marketing.


  1. My job as Director of Export Promotion in FIDE has allowed me to know my country, Honduras, and the beautiful, industrious people at a deeper level. For example, I’ve learned more about the growth of coffee cooperatives, software exporters and cocoa production cooperatives among others.
  2. Every day at work I am reminded of the great potential we have as a nation and the quality of work Hondurans provide. My work has allowed me to become an ambassador for my country, and be the voice that communicates positive news about Honduras. Often times, I meet people who have never heard about Honduras and it’s my privilege to tell them about the beauty of Honduras, its people, the products and quality services that we offer and are shipped to world.
  3. Additionally, through various trade promotion activities, I have been able to establish a wide network of contacts – worldwide – buyers, importers, people that are passionate about coffee, cocoa and other products that Honduras offers.


  1. While my work as promoter of my country has allowed me the great blessing of traveling to other countries and meet many interesting people it also implies a very important sacrifice which is to periodically be away from my son and my home.
  2. While business trips abroad or local are in progress, the office work does not stop, so you need to learn to work under pressure and learn to manage time in the most efficient way possible.

1514591_10152263774088271_5396509601133912730_n What advice can you give to those people who want to start  the career in exporting?

I have always been passionate about Honduras.  I consider my country, “the beautiful land that I have inherited” as the Psalmist David says. I felt since childhood a great interest in learning about other cultures, I was interested in international trade and I also consider having the vocation of a communicator and developer, so I am very interested in international marketing. God has blessed me through my work in FIDE since I have been able to put into practice these three aspects: my passion for Honduras, my expertise in international trade and international marketing.

  1. Personal relationships are vital to this work and being able to stay updated and connected is now quite easier than before through social networks. It is very important to keep up with consumption trends, global trends, but also know the local colors and aspects that are very different from one market to another.
  2. It is also important to know the companies and organizations that we promote, understand what they feel, what motivates them, how trade benefits their communities, future generations, etc.

Liliana, you really are an example to follow, how did you achieve professional success while balancing your life as a mother?

Success, as every good gift comes from God, who rewards hard work, dedication and passion. He is who opens doors with a wonderful key called “Grace”. So any success and blessing we can experience is thanks to him and through him.

I have achieved success when I have planted a seed in an international buyer so that he/she will find a supplier opportunity in Honduras. I consider myself successful when I have facilitated the meeting between a buyer and a supplier in Honduras. When through the work we do as a team in FIDE, we can lead others to a more realistic and positive Honduras, full of potential.

10492175_10152318587423271_6092273547933287144_nBut my success and satisfaction comes from my relationship with my 15 year old son: My greatest blessing, my great love and great pride!

Balancing my first and most beloved job as a mom and my professional role has not been easy.

  • It is an ongoing process, with ups and downs … the ideal that all working moms struggle to achieve.
  • The beautiful thing is that God has given us resources: internal and external. Internally, as the great ability that he has given us, to do many tasks at once or that intuition that allows us to know our children, anticipate their needs, their moods.
  • External support, for example, the fundamental support that has been so important to me, the father of my son, who has not only been a great model but is present and attentive to the needs of Marcelo, also my family, especially my mom and my aunt who are a network of support vital for me.

Finally, in the task of finding balance I must thank God and acknowledge how blessed I have been for the gem … I have in my son. Marcelo has made this task of balancing, something much simpler, being a responsible guy, helpful, cheerful and also sensitive to my needs, my peak workloads, etc.10502537_10152292130353271_5347864327389366842_n

Sow in our children: love, prayer, discipline, vision …. Is worth it … harvest time comes sooner than you can imagine.