Reliability. Moderation. Integrity. Words that seem drawn from a television commercial. A commercial about automotive function or a financial program. Perhaps an internet program or an advertisement of a police event.

Can a person demonstrate Reliability, Integrity and Moderation 100% of the time? Usually we try to be the best people, we take self-improvement seminars, learn to have emotional intelligence, we look for ingredients that give balance to our lives.

Reliability.  Do our words match our actions? Can they trust us, do we talk to motivate and boost or to discourage and crush? In Matthew 5:37 says, “All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.”  We are human, we fail.

Have you noticed the character traits in the person of Jesus? His words were in harmony with His actions. The Bible says that he grew in wisdom during his life in the world (Luke 3: 21-23). In his three years of ministry, He preached that He would die and rise on the third day to reconcile us with the Father and give us eternal life. He did not speak half-truths. He did not depart from the Father, He lived in the world but was not of the world. Jesus is Reliable.

Moderation (control). Have you seen the ads “drive safely or drive carefully”? It may bring fatal consequence to drive carelessly or unsafely. The great South American writer, Andrés Bello wrote this sentence on moderation: “Those who do not moderate passions are drawn to unfortunate cliffs”. Can we control our emotions, desires, passions? Yes, it is possible.  Can we do it in our own strength? What’s the catch? A determining factor is a daily exercise of moderation in all our decisions. What do we see in the character of Jesus? Tolerance when religious leaders rejected the sinful woman (John 8: 3-7), humility when he was baptized by John (Mark 1: 9-11), wisdom when talking about moderation and folly (Matthew 7: 24-29). Moderation, tolerance, wisdom, and humility are synonyms. Jesus is Self-controlled, Humble, Wise, Tolerant  bearing in mind that He is God, Lord of Lords, King of Kings and Lord of all creation. Are you with me?

Integrity (incorruptible). Have you met a president of some millionaire company with integrity? How many of your close friends you consider completely trustworthy (100%) ? It is difficult to assign the quality of integrity to anyone. In the Bible we find two people who reveal in their character as fully (100%) trustworthy. In Genesis, God’s character is revealed when he created Adam and Eve. He gave the world and authority over it to Adam and Eve, but did not withdraw the gift after they sinned.  In Exodus, Numbers, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy God shows his integrity (trustworthiness) because although his people defrauded Him, He showed the steps or rules to bring them back to Him. Don’t we do the same with our parents? Don’t we expect the same from our children? Look at me! Hear my words! But God does not leave it like that! God sent his Son (second person). Jesus was incorruptible until the end of his days on earth and his ascension to the Father. He did not seek to escape the purpose and direction of his life. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16). Jesus kept his focus, 100% incorruptible  in his words and actions. (Matthew 24:44; Luke 22:69). Jesus = 100% reliable + self-controlled + incorruptible. By believing in Jesus we try to emulate his qualities because we love Him!