Have you seen a spool of yarn? When they are purchased they are brightly colored and very neat in their reel. But it happens that we use them, put them away, others move them around or we unroll it to give an efficient and practical use. Or maybe we allow it to get entangled and tie us up.

Our thoughts are like that! If you are driving or waiting for the bus and you see a mother with her child your thoughts may lead you to think that your mother and you had good talks on the way to school because you are doing a good job with yours. You reaffirm your thoughts that correcting or advising your child will seal that in their hearts as Proverbs 16: 3 “Commit to the Lord your actions, and your thoughts will be affirmed. But later in Proverbs 20: 11-12 says that “By his deeds even a child will see whether his conduct is clean and upright.” As for parenting, we think that what we say to our children alone is enough or that only once is enough. Remember that ALL, including our children, have free will. Our words reflect our thoughts and our thoughts move us to act. If the way of thinking, speaking and acting is not in harmony and intentional, our children catch that double message. Our (usually unconscious) actions / reactions and body language when speaking are more powerful than words so our children will act and reason based on our actions. In the aspect of free will there are other influences like the friends, the culture in which we live, the people with whom we associate and other members of the family who does not think like you. We might fall into despair, something that the enemy uses against us. Actions and thoughts: statements of faith or curses? What a mess for our children and for us!

Hopelessness is really directing our thoughts to the situation or circumstances. Thoughts cannot solve much because it is limited in time, space and knowledge. But many times we spend a whole life entangled in thoughts, walking in circles like the Israelites in the desert. We want to solve our circumstances using what is humanly available to us. Can we think like God?

But, there is great hope in remembering and meditating on the word of God. It says in Isaiah 55: 8-9 “The Lord has said,” My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so also my ways and my thoughts are higher than your ways and your thoughts.” He knows our heart. Pray without ceasing. He is a good father who wants a personal relationship with you and that we share every aspect of our life with Him because He has a beautiful panoramic view where we are going and wants to unravel us. Jeremiah 29:11 says, “I alone know the plans that I have for you. They are plans for their good, and not for their evil, so that they may have a future full of hope.”

Dare to seek Him in your prayer room!