Jeaninne Corletto , lives each day to its fullest!

How do you manage to do all this? Mom, fitness model, furniture design store.

Can you give us a sample of what a good schedule should be for a mom that has all these responsibilities?

First of all, I want to thank you Karla for giving me the opportunity of sharing my life and experience with other women. I hope this may help others to try to live life to the fullest, and that everyday you may feel blessed that God has given us a precious gift. The day before sometimes may have not been the best, but with the gift of every new day, we are able to start over again, write a new beginning. Shine bright ladies!!

My ultimate goal everyday is to spend quality time with my loved ones and never forget they are most important people in my life. In order to do this I must really organize my day.

I have 3 jobs:

hijos de jeannineMy first and most fulfilling job is being a mother of 3 children. Two beautiful boys of the ages of 13 and 10, and a little princess who is 7 years old.

I am blessed that my husband and I work together so we are constantly spending time together at work and then once in while planning lunch dates every now and then.

My hobby is bodybuilding. I have competed in the Figure Category and I enjoy it very much. I practice this 5-6 days a week. I do it in the most efficient way possible so I don’t have to spend more than 1 hour 30 min in the gym.

 How did I get started as a fitness model?

jeannine2I started out as a fitness competitor 3 years ago. I was blessed to have the opportunity to be able to compete in a few competitions in the USA.

I got started in the weight lifting sport after giving birth to my first child. This was 13 years ago. I breastfed him for a year and remember that most of the people I knew lost weight breastfeeding. I was getting fatter instead of loosing the weight, I was always very hungry. That’s me, I have always loved eating, I tried diets where you substitute shakes for meals and that was not working for me. There were diets with so little food that I had no energy.

Then I was introduced to a new trainer who had just received his certification as a personal trainer, I started to train with him and loved the diet he gave me. I remember telling myself that I was in heaven with 5-6 meals a day J. It consisted of 3 meals and 2-3 snacks in between meals.

That was the first thing that I liked the most, secondly I started to like the effect it had on my body, it was an incredible feeling, I was literally sculpting my body by weight lifting. This is how I got started in the sport.

Today it’s an integral part of me and my daily routine. It contributes to my health, energy and being positive. It’s a great feeling.

 I will share some good tips of what moms can do to stay fit.jeanninecon amigas (2)

I have great news for you!!! 70-80% of succeeding in getting ourselves fit is our diets and 25-30% is the exercise. Try to plan your meals and snacks ahead of time, its easy. Its just a new habit you have to introduce to your daily routines, always have handy some wild caught tuna, rice cakes, fruit, nuts, yogurt, grass fed beef jerky, dark chocolate, cooked veggies and whey protein. In time you will become more creative and add more to healthy choices.

Try to eat less processed food and more food in their natural state. Remember to always have them handy and available so we don’t end up making bad choices based on hunger. When you cook fish or chicken breasts, always cook a few more so you can store them for future meals you can quickly prepare and save time. That way you will always have healthy food available to you. Drink a lot of water, this keeps you hydrated, helps eliminating toxins and fat and keeps you fuller.

Your exercise routines, remember to mix them up every 4 weeks or so, that way your  body does not hit a plateau and you can keep them interesting and fun. Do the same as for your cardio, there are many different kinds of cardio, do the ones you enjoy the most and remember to do them intensely.

 jeaninnedenegroWhat do you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur?

What I enjoy most about our family business is shopping, like the good girl I am J. Shopping for accessories and decoration accents have made me travel to some beautiful cities and attend some Accessory and Furniture Markets and Shows.

Then there are the customers appreciate our effort and customer service oriented business. When they feel we were able to really fulfill their expectations and needs, this makes me feel happy and grateful for the opportunity and trust they’ve given us. The feeling of transforming their  home and  sharing  the process with them is very exciting and rewarding.

I’ve been able to learn so much and today this learning process that started 8 years ago has inspired me and my husband to be the furniture and design store we are today. To apply our learning experiences to our daily lives.

We have learned to appreciate art and design and get carried away by it.  Another important lesson is that the imagination and creativity I’ve seen expressed by artists in many of our pieces has shown me that there no limits. The best part of this learning experience is that we can apply it to ourselves, our lives.  There are many ways of doing things to reach a goal, and I’ve learned to enjoy the journey.

 What would you say to all the moms out there, what does it jeanineconperrotake to succeed in all of these areas.

It takes passion, creativity and to be positive to succeed. This only comes deep within us, it’s the strength that drives us to not be overwhelmed, afraid or discouraged,  it’s the  attitude to push forward like a live force with huge power and ability to change anything and everything!

We can only experience this when we are open to the Lords gifts to us.

He plants his seed, which is faith and it grows within us and it makes us feel strong, creative, alive and blessed that we can wake to a new day full of opportunities and with our loved ones. 

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