Carlos MahechaCarlos Mahecha                                                                            

Executive Director at Sinclair Broadcasting–  Azteca America 48WWHB 

Carlos, you run a very successful news program here in South Florida, share with us how you started in TV Azteca 48?

Since 2004, with Hurricane Jeanne and Frances on the north side of Palm Beach and Treasure Coast, we perceived the need for information in Spanish. Hence, a program of public service was outlined as a pilot project, and today it has carried out 264 chapters on the air and serves not only the Azteca station 48, but also to government television stations. “Enfoque Comunitario” became since its inception the gateway of information to the Hispanic Community for public, private and government Palm Beach entities. Then we got on “Avances Informativos”, local news in 2 minutes, 5 times a day, 7 days a week. And finally generated social networks with more direct access to relevant and accurate information.

What is your view of the future of media in the digital age? Good question, at times I’m questioning, if we are prepared for all these advances in technology, and the speed in which they are happening. However, we adapt and seek the best way to take advantage. I believe that responsibility in addition to not forgetting the basic rules of communication (Journalism / ethics), can take you far. Success in all this is acquired through authenticity.

Do you think the press will survive as online media only? Is the worse of print media advertising over? We are all in together in this crisis; technology has given an incredible twist of things. However, only those who led the reader or viewer by the hand and projected what his/her needs were, remained.

What other specialty besides journalism is advisable to master this career better? The television industry has undergone many changes due to technology. Unfortunately, this has impacted in employee reduction at media companies and newsrooms. At this point, if you want to be a reporter you need to know to film, edit present news and even know how to disseminate content to survive. It has not been easy, but here we must learn and know everything.

How important is having sources and managing their confidentiality? It is important to obtain information from sources, but it is necessary to ascertain the origin of the stories and the truth of the facts

 Anyone today with available technology can instantly capture stories … how does that factor in to our profession? Making the community part of the news is important, while it is a good time for the media to feel comfortable that people have in them in mind and know that the environment can have an impact with the news, photo and information. However, the task of the media in these cases is to ensure that the information is real, that the images are not grotesque and affect others.

 What is your dream? My dream is to lead this great Azteca channel 48 as a means of impact. Generate more content with capable people and give that information back to television.