There is a Spanish song that talks about stumbling over and over on the same rock, in other words making the same mistakes over and over. You have wounds that never quite heal because you get out of one disappointment just to get into another one. But I want to tell you you’re not alone. Even in the Bible we find a woman who lived our experience.

In the case of this woman, we might conclude that she could not sustain a good relationship. Love failure after love failure followed her and eventually her disappointment was such that she finally settles and finds herself having an affair.

Well what happened to this woman is amazing! GOD gave her a good love and radically change her life! Do you want to know how?

There are 4 incredible things that happened to this woman. I will summarize her story but later on you can go to John 4 and read about her on your own time.

  1. JESUS ​​goes in search of the woman known as the Samaritan woman. He deviates from the usual route going through Jewish towns. This time he went straight to the city of Samaria. He finds her drawing water from a well. It’s important to note, the Jews and Samaritans did not associate much less a Jewish man would speak to a Samaritan woman. But the love of Jesus goes beyond all things imposed by man. He goes and searches for her, not caring what people will say. He loves her and that is all that matters to Him.
  2. JESUS ​​knows that she is thirsty for a life of love and happiness. She has suffered so much and has not been able to fill the void in her heart with anyone or anything. Jesus then offers rivers of living water! In other words, and abundant, full and eternal life, a life where there is no need to search for happiness. The river of living water is HIS SPIRIT! Jesus offers none other than HIS Spirit to fill that void, the emptiness that 5 husbands and a lover had not been to fill. He offers his Spirit so that this Samaritan woman can overcome defeat and live a victorious life! Do you want that too?
  3. Jesus knew exactly what this woman had done in her past. Jesus confronts her and reveals that he knows about the 5 husbands and her lover. He does this only because he wants her to know that no matter what, he accepts her. Despite of a past that would give much to talk about, Jesus did not see her flaws and mistakes instead he offered her a better life, not based on religion but based on a sincere spiritual relationship!
  4. But the most precious thing in this story is the end. He reveals her secret for love. Look what Matthew 16:20says about his secret. “2Then he ordered his disciples not to tell anyone that he was the Messiah.”  Jesus had come to serve a sentence to save us from sin. He had to go to the cross and thus before his death to many he does not reveal his identity. He kept it a secret so that his purpose was fulfilled, as many wanted to make him King of Israel do to all the miracles he was performing in his time.

But look what happens to this woman who was not Jewish, had “a past” and whom many people in her time would consider “a nobody”. JESUS ​​makes an exception for her and reveals his secret, he reveals his divine identity!

John 4: 25-26 “25 The woman said, “I know the Messiah is coming—the one who is called Christ. When he comes, he will explain everything to us.”  26 Then Jesus told her, “I am the Messiah!”

And you know why he revealed his identity? He does it for love. He knew that to continue living he needed hope, she needed a miracle that could transform her. And the revelation of who He is, is POWER, and translates to a Victorious LIFE!

He is the ALPHA and OMEGA, the BEGINNING and END. The one and only who parted the Red Sea, who walked on water, healed the blind, healed the paralyzed, the maker of wonders, the Creator of all that exists, the Savior of the Universe!  The “Great I AM” revealed himself to this imperfect woman that was making the same mistakes over and over.

And today I tell you my friend; you get these 4 things too:

  1. This same Savior who was in search of this woman longs for you! So much so that he gave up his life so that you can hope to change your life today.

2 This same Father who loved her and didn’t judge her for her past but accepted her as she was, does not judge you either, he forgives you and offers you the peace that you so much need!

3 This same God who offered her living water, that is His Holy Spirit of power that so that she could have a full and joyful life, says to you too, take my water and drink so that you won’t thirsty ever again! Live the victorious life that I prepared for you!

4 That same Redeemer who revealed his identity to this hurt woman to give her the true love and the meaning of life she was searching for, he reveals himself to you too and says:

I am your Messiah! He who gave everything for you, his blood, his life, his last breath for you!

I offer my love, a good love, the eternal one!