mayte he hija


Mayte, M & M mom declares the inheritance GOD has for our children.

Today in our prayers please pray for a blessed inheritance for our children.  That they free and clear from any past sins and curses that may be transcending from generation to generation.  Because we know that in the Lord our past does not dictate our future.  We bind any claim that the enemy may have over our children because of past sins and mistakes from our ancestors and us, including the earthly father of our children.

As it says in the Word:
Matthew 25:34  34 “Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world.

We claim a pure and ever-lasting inheritance for our children, free form any burdens and sins from our earthly fathers and grandparents.  That our children will start and direct a generation of God-fearing and loving servants that would follow His will.  May the Lord grant them wisdom and a discerning heart to choose GOOD over evil.  Amen!

Today’s verse in Spanish:

Mateo 25:34  34 »Entonces dirá el Rey a los que estén a su derecha: “Vengan ustedes, a quienes mi Padre ha bendecido; reciban su herencia, el reino preparado para ustedes desde la creación del mundo

Clamamos una herencia pura y permanente para nuestros hijos, y los hijos de nuestros hijos.  Que cualquier atadura en la vida de nuestros hijos sea quebrantada!  Que caminen en Su Gloria y en Su Paz.  Reprendemos cualquier ataque del enemigo en contra de nuestros hijos, en su presente y futuro!  Amen!

Keep praying my dear sisters!  Sigan orando guerreras de Dios!

En Cristo,