The promise goes back, if we think for a while, to that moment when dad promised to take you to the park, to get ice cream or play with you when he came from work. And instead of the park, he went with friends to a baseball game. Instead of going to get ice cream, he preferred to watch television and talk to mom, excusing himself that we would go another day. Instead of playing with you when he came from work, he was working at home for long hours.

Generally, the unfulfillment of the promises in infancy causes a deep wound in the soul, because by that “measure” we also measure ourselves in relation to others, especially with the opposite sex. We intuitively doubt our self-worth to think that someone important to us will keep his promise. Curiously, we also measured men in general according to how was the interaction with our dad. This seems to become a vicious circle of I am not of value / importance, therefore he will not fulfill.

Believer or not, the feeling is the same. We do not believe that we are valuable because we have an enemy who has “blinded the minds” (see 2 Corinthians 4: 4). But there is a PROMISE that has been hidden by culture, society and even has been distorted by other beliefs. We read in Psalm 139: 14 that we are “a wonderful creation” or a masterpiece.  We have been His daughters since before the creation of the world. When Adam and Eve disobeyed, sin entered, but God had already foreseen a plan of salvation to restore the father-son/daughter relationship that existed before sin. You see, God is not like the earthly father who gets angry with his children because they do not do as he wants. God is a gracious father, made us in His image and likeness (Genesis 1:26), full of love, of eternal love. God hates sin, but He loves his children. Just as he is patient and merciful, He knows that in order for us to understand and love Him, we must enter into a process of transformation, to recognize that Jesus Christ is his son who lived among us, died and rose again. Little by little as you read, search, meditate on His word, the Holy Spirit that Jesus promised us, reveals to you how wide, long, deep and high is the love of God (Ephesians 3:18). He is not a God to some, he is God to all who seek him wholeheartedly. He has loved us with everlasting love (Jeremiah 31: 3). Why deny ourselves the unconditional love of God? Why leaving Him for last if He gave us life? Why not believe in Him? He keeps His promises, He is faithful. He does not lie nor repent (Numbers 23:19). He is a living God, He was before the creation and it is still now as you read this.

I loved God from my mind since I accepted Christ long time ago. Until few years ago I only went to church on Sundays, sometimes read a devotional and the bible, although thinking many time it didn’t applied to my life. Teachings from a pastor at church stated to open my spiritual ears. Nevertheless, I was always in a hurry, asking God when there was an emergency because I couldn’t in my own strength. In 2013, I decided in my heart to obey God, hear His voice and follow His guidance. Then act in accordance to his will at work, home, with children, granddaughters, my brother, my friends. Love them as I understand that Jesus loves. I can say that I have had immense joys and hard trials, but without a doubt the peace, joy and joy of living, (despite so much uncertainty around me), I only owe it to my living God, who is real, his Holy Spirit lives inside me, leads my steps for good always. God who sees me as the apple of his eyes, his princess, co-heir with Christ of an eternal life. You can enjoy the same!