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When we are in the presence of someone, we value the person’s characteristics (their fashion style, their self-expression, mannerisms, their personality).

When we are in God’s presence, He shows some of his character, slowly, so we don’t become overwhelmed!

God’s presence was available 24/7 during creation. It was expressed in nature. Everything created was GOOD- one attribute of God’s character ( Gen 1:26-31). Before the fall, Adam and Eve were naked in God’s presence but weren’t ashamed because they had a pure innocent spirit. They didn’t have knowledge of evil, lies, envy, deceit, unreliability (Gen 2:7-9).

Within our human nature we forget what God has done for us more than 5,000 years, about 2,000 years and few hours ago! As a very patient father, He reminds us that we were rescued from deep seated situations (Joshua 24:1-14). Moreover, He fulfills His promises always, even when we alter the course of our lives. If God promised and you are faithful, He will fulfill His promise (Joshua 21:41-45). God is TRUSTWORTHY- another attribute of God’s character.

Why is it so difficult to come to Him on a daily basis? In my spiritual journey and growing intimacy with Him, I have realized that we rationalize and look for excuses to avoid His presence, “I don’t have time, I’m in a rush, I can’t, I’m busy”. Since we don’t see Him, we put it aside. Nevertheless, if to be on time for an event it requires getting ready in advance, then searching God’s presence requires practice to invest those 10 or 30 minutes of devoted attention and be still in order to hear His voice. Speaking more like 21st century, if you have the opportunity to visit the President of the United States or the most popular singer and you are granted few minutes to talk, you would prepare for that event from the cloth you’ll wear to the questions you are going to ask, right?

How can we develop the exercise of being in God’s presence? Just like Moses, Abraham, David, and Jesus set aside time to be in God’s presence, we do too. Some of the benefits when we are in His presence are: peace, uncover our sin, joy, gratitude, trust, we ask what we want & need, the Holy Spirit reveals to us. It’s like falling in love with His person.

When we are in love we want to please our loved one, similarly God is pleased with our love for Him in such a way that He tells us “that you may possess this good land (the promise God has for you) and pass it on as an inheritance to your descendants forever”.                   (1 Chr 28:8)

Second, before God we are grateful and confess, why? Since He is the creator of earth, the universe and everything in it, why not? Didn’t our mothers teach us to be grateful when we receive gifts? To acknowledge, confess and repent from our sins is a sign of humility and obedience. God yearns for your heart but we must abandon what is done behind closed doors that is shameful, deceitful, or twist the word of God (2 Cor 4:2). Studying the Word, expand your knowledge of God.

Lastly, God wants an intimate relationship with you, then He will show you His attribute of loving Father, ready to pour his favor on you when YOU ARE READY to receive it. In Psalm 56:13 “For you have delivered me from death and my feet from stumbling, that I may walk before God in the light of life”.