Diversity Children Friendship Innocence Smiling ConceptBY MAYTE AGOSTO

Isaiah 53:10

“Yet it was the Lord’s will to crush him and cause him to suffer…his life an offering for sin.”

What an amazing and implausible mystery it is the all-encompassing love of our Heavenly Father. He

needed to save us; we were dying. He needed to come with a plan to defeat evil and sin once and for

all, while saving all of mankind for eternal life.

What genius to have planned this form of redemption! That the sacrifice to save humanity be a perfect

Lamb – that which He loved the most so that it will be forever and ever finished! So that the Devil could

not scheme any evil plot against that perfect sacrifice, His perfect will.

And who are we, to dare to trample and smear His precious blood? Every time we choose to sin we

trample His blood. And the Lord cries out and says: STOP, that is my Son’s blood! I cannot protect Him

and care for Him anymore – He died for you! So PLEASE cherish His sacrifice, His precious blood.

And to my children, I beg of you, please cherish His sacrifice; protect His blood. Whenever you feel

unworthy, low, depressed, and lonely, please remember that the Lord of the Universe willingly gave His

life for you so that you may have abundant and meaningful lives. Enjoy your life and live it to its fullest!

And please share this wonderful news of redemption with others so that they may too live fulfilling and

abundant lives! Amen!